I’m a writer, producer, performer/presenter. You’ll often find me working around London’s free wifi spots, eavesdropping and getting distracted by the quirkier elements of life.

I wish I could be all cool and say I was a fan of some crazy underground band but I’m not, I love cheese! I’m never happier then when I’m wailing along to a Taylor Swift or Katy Perry tune… DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE A PLASTIC BAG/ what? Brilliant lyric! I mean who hasn’t ever felt like a plastic bag at one point in their life?

I’m a big fan of “water sports” – an American friend told me I can’t use that term because apparently it’s something rather rude and sexual, so to clarify I mean things like windsurfing, surfing etc and not whatever she was referring to. Although now I’ve reminded myself I’m going to google it!

And when it comes to TV… I love it. Anything from the amazingly ridiculous and addictive Revenge to the equally gripping series of Game of Thrones and True Blood. I would spend all day watching it if I could.

Live now, write later – that’s why it’s taken me so long to get this blog up and running!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following me. I hope I see you around and get more chances to correspond with you. By the way, I adore London – such a great city.

  2. Redo You Project says:

    Thanks for your visit. You sound like you’re ready to tackle the world. Go get it!


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Jana, Thank you for the article in Daily Mail. It was touching, sober, honest – it was elegant tinged with gentleness. My story is on the whole much the same; apart from big/minor details: there were no riches and there was children and a divorce before I became myself. Still a journey. thank you for putting words to the “journey of following along and doing as is expected”. Until we become ourselves. There are quit few of us I believe. I wish you the best. All love….

  4. Tala Carson says:

    Haha, I’ve just googled “water sports” 😀
    Wish you lots of love!

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