Moving on

So around this time last year I was in LA and just couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities surrounding me. I was focused on my acting and presenting career and overwhelmed by support from everyone around me.

One year on and looking back I managed to get most of my “To Do” list done:

1. A lead role in a feature film (tick)
2. Presenting the LGBT news (tick)
3. Finding a woman to settle down with (tick)
4. Finding a place to make home (tick)

The only thing that evaded my grasp was a budding career as a presenter and actor. A year ago I would have seen this as a failure but now I am, as much as I was last year, just grateful for everything around me.

It’s amazing what you can get done and how many people you can find in the world that will support you, even if you make mistakes. Now I’m more focused on building a career doing a bunch of different things so I can support myself and my girlfriend as we continue to build on what we have, which (to my surprise) has become far more important to me than a career as an actor or presenter.

The glue that has been consistent, relentless (at times) and held me together throughout my journey has been my friends and family. No matter how big or crazy my ideas, they have had my back and always believed in me. I’ve finally learnt that the power your friends and family bring to you far outways anyone in any industry telling you you’ll do well or giving you a job.

Life isn’t about seeking others approval or getting affirmation from thousands of people you’ll never meet (which I used to feel would make me feel happy) but following your own path, taking care of those around you and always setting yourself goals and pursuing your dreams, no matter how crazy or how many times they change.

If you let yourself believe you can do it you can and you might be surprised by how much strength and support you have sitting quietly next to you.

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