The Agenda!

Unknown-1I’m really trying to understand what the big hoopla is with being gay and why some are so threatened by it? Doing a little research I came across this lady, Linda Harvey .

Linda Harvey is the head of Mission America and seems to spend most of her time preaching about the problems with the homosexual agenda. I wasn’t aware we had one, but hey, maybe because I came out late I missed the induction! What exactly would that be like, an induction to THE GAY AGENDA?

In my mind, it would be hosted in a giant colosseum filled to the brim with LGBTQ people cheering and waving flags. The induction would happen a little like this; your name would be called out, you’d step forward onto the stage (picture the Hunger Games) and choose from a display of symbols that represent your orientation and personality. Then a booming voice would declare your mission; “Welcome to GAY LAND. You’ve already shown outstanding bravery by arriving at this point, your homosexual agenda from this point forward is to live your life to the full, to be kind and show compassion to those around you and to learn as much as you can. Go forth and complete your mission in your own way. Or something along those lines, so quiet, understated, cheesy AS, and no fun at all!

I think Linda’s idea would be more along the lines of, a dark satanic ritual with all manor of debauchery and the announcement of your agenda would be to corrupt as many children as possible and turn everyone on this planet gay. (But that’s just from reading her articles so I’m not sure what it really would be, i’d love to ask)

Fortunately neither of these ridiculous ideas exist in reality, although I do think that my version would make a great movie (giggle!).

One article that Linda wrote made me feel deep sadness and basically boggled my mind was her 12 ways Homosexual Adults Endanger Children . I believe that Linda should be able to voice her opinion, she should be able to say how she feels and defend her religion. However I still don’t understand why it’s so important for her to actively try to stop homosexuals from being treated as equal and campaign against it.

I used to be passionate about religion. I used to pray to God and “do what I was told”, now I listen to how I feel, what’s right for my friends and family and what’s right for me. It’s not just about one person. It’s about all of us working together to understand one another and sometimes we have to agree to disagree, but we don’t have to actively try to stop one another from living our lives. I’d love to meet Linda and speak to her so I can understand her better because I still can’t get my head around how she has come to some of her conclusions.

I wouldn’t want to set up a campaign to quash her ideas or her agenda, I don’t want to discredit her or her opinions, only to understand them better and possibly offer a different view on what it means/is to be a homosexual.

I’m pretty sure I could still get a long with her even though our views are so opposing.

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