Why is being Gay such a threat to the Catholic Church?


So praying not to be gay when I was young didn’t really work. Lying to myself, friends and family didn’t work, marrying a man didn’t work, the only thing that did work was being honest with myself and the world. And that wasn’t easy. It’s not like I wanted to be gay.

Reading the articles about the Catholic Church and it’s position on LGBT rights in Northern Ireland I can’t help but feel sad. I was a great little Catholic. I went to church every week, I prayed every night, I went to confession, I read bidding prayers at mass, I visited the nuns, I prayed before I played sport to ask for God to help me do well when my parents came to watch (my cheeky selfish prayer!). But none of that matters now, my faith has dissipated along with my tolerance for its discrimination and contradiction.

Why is the church so hell bent on protecting people who follow its teachings and want to discriminate? Surely they should be protecting those who follow its teachings and want to be kind to others regardless of belief and spread the good word of the Lord, or something along those lines? Not every Catholic wants to stomp out the LGBT community, do they?

I was taught as a child and throughout my 8 years in an all girls Roman Catholic Convent boarding school that tolerance and kindness were key elements of how we were supposed to live as Catholics. My Bible knowledge is a bit rusty now, but I’m pretty sure that Jesus went around healing sick people suffering from leprosy and feeding the hungry, encouraging the inclusion of those excluded not the other way around.

Considering 1 in 50 priests are found to have molested a child you would have thought the Church could focus on wiping that out, surely that is causing more damage in the world than same sex couples who love each other?

I’m not saying they have to support us or even agree with our lifestyle, but taking away our right to be treated as equal human beings is just insane.

I simply do not understand why you can discriminate against someone because of their sexuality. Isn’t that exactly the same as being racist? Why is it even being considered?








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