Shove OFF!


It seems 2015 is making me feel a bit more defensive than usual, or maybe I’m just paying more attention. After being deflated by a little homophobia recently, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and went out to Dalston Super Store for a lesbian night called Club Lesley, which all London bound lesbians have to go to. Anyway, I digress!

Club Lesley was, and always is, awesome fun. Surrounded by lots of friends and other lesbians, it’s something I hadn’t done for a while and I was loving it. After a few hours my girlfriend and I were all danced out so we headed to get an Uber home. While waiting for the driver we cuddled on the street and kissed.  Naughty! I hear you, and no we weren’t “going for it” just a nice kiss, more than a peck, less than tongues down throats. I’m not a big fan of gratuitous displayed of affection, but each to their own.

Anyway, I digress again! So as we were cuddling/making out and guy walked past, takes his phone out and tried to take a photo. Not subtly either, more of a oh look the circus is in town, isn’t that a big elephant kind of thing – with his mouth wide open.  My girlfriend saw him first, then she saw red, the next thing I knew she was shoving him across the street. I mean SHOVING him.

At this point the man looked like he’d pooped his little panties, his penis obviously shrivelled back up into his body, along with what I can imagine to be two tiny little testies and he ran away. Obviously that wasn’t the reaction he’d imagined. I think he was expecting us to put on a show for him, like we’d enjoy his interest in us, like we should have been flattered, because obviously all lesbians are there just to entertain his fantasies.

This man made me angry. ANGRY. If I see two people making out (gratuitously) I’m not a big fan of it so I simply don’t look, it’s my choice. If I see two people kissing and they look in love and happy, usually it will make me feel happy and i’ll smile and keep walking. I’d never, NEVER stop and take a photo. It’s my choice to kiss my girlfriend in public but I shouldn’t have to fear having my photo or a video taken by an idiot man (or women, although I’m yet to meet or see any women doing that).

If you want to take photo’s of that kind of thing get a job working in porn, there’s loads of women making out, pretending to enjoy it, rubbing furiously on each others clits with massive nails and it’s all for your pleasure, pervert with your phone out.  You go carry on your square existence somewhere else and get a girlfriend or boyfriend and be a pervert with them. Me and my girlfriend are not here for you. YOU MORON!

Also big up to my super hot girlfriend for shoving him back into his box! Isn’t she cute!




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