Discipline and Routine


Wow, the word discipline gives me shivers. It takes me straight back to the morning bell at boarding school aggressively intruding upon my dreams. Waking me, telling me, no, shouting at me to get up out of my warm bed, put on my uniform, clean my teeth and then fall into the corridor and zombie walk my way to the refectory where the same breakfast would be, every morning for 8 years.

Routine and discipline was just part of everyday life for me but it wasn’t just ordinary routine, every move of my day was commanded by one bell. The same bell would sound for breakfast, mass, lunch, lessons, break time even to let us know when we had free time and when to change out of our school uniform. You’d know what each bell meant, even if you had no idea of the time. We were trained, just like Pavlov’s dogs. There’s no option to rebel, give up, stop, you have to just keep going, until one day, you’d finished your exams and you were free.

After leaving my ex husband and changing my career, I think a little of me is still rebelling against that routine and discipline. Finally being free to express who I am and pursue a career I actually enjoy I’ve become a little too soft on myself, I now let myself give up, something I could never do as a child. But it’s not working for me anymore. I’ve enjoyed the break I’ve given myself but I need to get back a little of that discipline and routine to make sure I achieve my goals. We all need it in our lives. In fact the more I think about it the more I know that the complete lack of it can be very harmful.

Yes, we need to give ourselves breaks and time out but we also need to push ourselves to achieve the most we can.

It’s weird, I thought that by the time I turned 30 I’d be able to manage all of my life. I’m turning 31 in a few days and the truth is I still need help and guidance. Recently someone gave me exactly that – some guidance to get routine and discipline back into my life. I know it will change everything because it already has and all I had to do to make a positive change, was wake up this morning at 8am, jump in the shower and start work, this time with a schedule and some order. A tiny little change which will have a massive impact.

Every now and then I need to remind myself never to stop striving to create and live in a world that makes me happy. However much I don’t like routine and discipline I definitely need it in my life right now. In light of this I’m going to make sure I write a blog every 1st and 15th of the month. So you can all chase me up if I don’t deliver!

HAPPY 1st of the month everyone and thank you for reading my blog, all you lovely people, you make my world a better place.



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One thought on “Discipline and Routine

  1. LOVE. IT. Keep them coming.

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