Find your voice


Over the past few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to meet some inspiring people. It’s made me reflect on what motivates me and what has brought me success. Deep down, I’ve always known I could be successful. I just didn’t realise that the true definition of success was actually different to what I originally understood it to be.

For me, there is something seductive in hiding away, watching TV and reading books. Especially because I can convince myself that it’s “research” or “work”. Sometimes it is and sometimes I have to own up to the fact that it’s an effortless way to ignore what’s happening in the world, ignore what’s bothering me and ignore the challenges I face.

It’s easy to feel happy with past success but, that’s not the end of the road.  When I’ve forced myself out of my comfort zone, I’ve felt the fear of the challenge and I’ve also felt the sense of accomplishment when it’s overcome.

If I don’t consciously challenge myself, I know I have it in me to find that comfy place and just exist. It’s almost as if I could stop living in this world and live my life through the books or shows I’m drawn into.

It’s taken me a few years but I’ve finally figured out who I am and what’s important to me. I’ve also found the confidence to stand up and be myself.

Tomorrow I will be giving my first LGBT talk to some young adults. I’m really lucky that I get to do this because I get to be the person that shows them that their stories are important. Their lives are important and not because of their sexuality but because everyone on this planet is important. EVERYONE has a story, regardless of what it is, and we can all learn something, if we listen.

Last year I would have been overly prepared. My focus would have been on what I wanted to say and the delivery, rather than on the people I’m speaking to.

I don’t know when it happened but sometime over the past few months I found my voice. I know I can do anything I need to and I want to help others find theirs. Everyone should get to feel like this.

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