I know there are a lot of “haters” of this day out there and I can understand their point of view, but being who I am and preferring to enjoy something than not, I like to embrace Valentines Day as another day we can all use as an excuse to celebrate! And celebrating is always fun! So HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Whooooow!

I’ve recently watched a lesbian couple on a Youtube Channel Rose Ellen Dix and they seem so in love, in all the right ways, they are also pretty amusing and very open to sharing their lives online, which is refreshing. Watching Rose or Rosie (I get them muddled up – the blonde one) talk about why she is proud love the other struck a chord with me, that, tied in with todays theme of love has kicked my mind into gear and made me think about what it would be like to be in a long term same sex relationship.

I still don’t know the answer to that because the longest I’ve been with another woman is about 9 months. I wonder what it’s like to be with a woman for years, I know what it’s like to be with a man for years, is it just the same? I’m curious. What  have you experienced?

What’s it like to be married to someone of the same sex? Did you have problems booking a venue/planning or were people just supportive? What do your neighbours think? With the media the way it is today I don’t know whether people are accepting in this country or not. For now I’m assuming, yes, the UK is accepting but I live in London, is that the case for other parts of the UK?

What’s it like to have children in a same sex relationship? Do people treat you differently and if so how? I’m lucky to have been accepted by most of the people around me (not all, but most).

Wow, there are so many things to think about. What’s it like for a child to have same sex parents? Where are all the same sex parents? Are there lots? How are they greeted at the school gates by other parents, does anyone even care? I kind of feel like there should be an “AA esque” meeting that you can drop in on to talk to other people and learn about it. You know “Hi I’m Jana and I’m a lesbian and today I struggled with X in my life” because although it is good to look things up online I do like talking to people in person.

Anyway it’s clear I have my research cut out for me. If anyone out there wants to share a story or message me with any views on the any of the questions above whether good or bad I’d love to hear them, my email is janadowling@gmail.com if you don’t want to post a comment.

THAT SAID – I’m definitely getting closer to wanting to share my life with someone again…. not sure I’m all there yet, but it’s exciting enough to just think about it for now.

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2 thoughts on “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

  1. zoe says:

    I think it’s interesting how reading one newspaper article can suddenly take you back on a voyage of rediscovering yourself. I’m now thinking back to my first moments, discovering that I was gay and also the whole coming out process really. It was hard at first but then when I found my feet, it became something I was proud of and wanted to talk about and share with others. Finding likeminded people opened my world up and the opportunities that came with it. My family I would say is different, but possibly not unique in that my mother and her two brothers all had a daughter the same age who is gay. My cousin L has been with her wife over ten years and has a son conceived via sperm donor, My cousin E has been with her wife for about six years and also has a son conceived via a similar process to IVF. I, on the other hand, am waiting to find the right lady. I believe that love is love, relationships are relationships regardless of the gender combination – ultimately if you click and you work, being together long-term is as natural as breathing, as is the commitment and the family life. My cousins are very happy, have taken to motherhood and married life as naturally as a straight couple do. In some ways, it could be argued better because they had to work harder for it (having children that is). They have not suffered any overt discrimination as a result which is great 🙂 They’ve been to baby groups, pre-school etc. I’m a teacher and I teach several children who have same sex parents and everyone just accepts that it’s just who their parents are. I think if you want anything enough, it will happen and the right people will embrace it all with you…There are various support groups around for gay people to meet others and talk or counselling etc – there’s a group near me which run a switchboard to help people, run regular meet ups and offer advice and counselling too

  2. dykehype says:

    I agree with Zoe, I don’t think gender matters it all depends on whether you’re with the right person. I haven’t been married (although engaged twice, does that make me a runaway bride?) but I was with someone for 6 years and she definitely wasn’t the right person. It seems so obvious looking back just how different we viewed life and love, but at the time she was my best friend and I didn’t want to admit the doubts.. It certainly hasn’t killed my spirit though, I’m only 28, I will find my bride when the time is right ❤ Just got to ignore the fact all my younger friends are having babies and getting hitched in the meantime! Who needs the stress?!

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