Yesterday was an interesting day what with the article in The Daily Mail and all. Thank you so much to everyone for sending all your messages, I’ll try to get back to you all as soon as I can. I really didn’t realise how many other people are out there doing the exact same thing I’m doing! Yay, there is actually a big gang of us!

Anyway, your words of support and encouragement were very gratefully received and I have to admit I did let myself read a few of the bad ones too… some had a point, Tom definitely dodged a bullet there! ha ha 

I had a lot of questions and I’m really happy to answer them all. If you have any feel free to post them in the box below and if you don’t want the question to be published on the blog just put a little note in it. I have to approve them to go on this site so it won’t be visible if you don’t want it to be. 

Have a great day everyone and looking forward to chatting to you all! 

J x


3 thoughts on “WOW!!

  1. blondaii says:

    Hey Jana, the blog is a great way to reach other people who are confused or stuck. I used to write a few when I was 20 and struggling to tell parents/family/ friends. It gave me support and offered it in return I suppose! Do you feel more supported blogging and sharing? I know I certainly did! Although I know you probably had a fear in becoming who you really are, but gained so much! When I was Living in NYC- this was my biggest eye opener as I met people who accepted me without the terms I got here and I had no pressure to be ‘normal’. Gave me the strength to end my relationship with a guy at home which would have been doomed! I hope the article has given you a new found strength for supporting us all as it’s great to read & probably helps more people than you even know ! ❤️ x

  2. dysonology says:

    Good for you Jana. Proud of you. x

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