Recently I’ve been presenting an online show for The Peoples Voice TV. It’s a new online channel that provides an alternative to the mainstream media.  Being a fan of alternatives, I was obviously very excited to be working there.

After our first few shows went out a bunch of “alternative lifestyle” people started following our page on FB and asking me to be their friend too. Comments from people from this community and their general attitude to the rest of the world has started to get to me. Why? I think it’s because some of the “enlightened” or “awakened” people that have written had a way of delivering their message that’s not very palatable (to say the least!).

The words self righteous and condescending spring to mind when someone is ranting to you about consumerism or the mainstream or the worlds/your inability to see what’s happening.

I happen to enjoy a bit of mainstreaming every now and then. I work hard, I’d like to enjoy my life a little, thanks. I love a bit of shopping, a cheesy pop tune and sometimes even watching a bit of The Kardashian’s.

Now does that make me any less of a human being? Well apart from the Kardashian bit, I’m pretty sure every second I watch that show my brain melts a little.

We are all equal, we are all entitled to our opinions but after a few months of repetitive negative emails about the world and life and I’m not sure if the old saying, ignorance is bliss, is actually the better way forward? In fact, I think I may have been pushed back into the mainstream way of life by it.

I want to live, have fun, do crazy things, learn… everything everyone else wants to do. I want to make a difference and do something significant in my lifetime. But my beliefs are just my beliefs and I’ll afford anyone I speak to about them the respect that we all deserve, to come to our own conclusions about life.

The worst thing about it is, I actually agree with some of the stuff they speak about, the world isn’t right and change needs to happen. I’d love to help change the world for the better, who wouldn’t? But all these negative extreme people just make it NO FUN! I say embrace us mainstreamers instead of making yourselves feel better by belittling us and you’ll have more chance at cultivating mass community change.

With that in mind, TPV is a great channel, trying to make positive change for everyone. It’s not just for the extreme alternative people out there…you should check it out.

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One thought on “WTF?

  1. laura-w24 says:

    Great post! I will be sure to check out TPV channel, it sounds right up my street! I can also empathise (or sympathise) with you on the Kardashian subject…

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