Sleeping with Straight Girls

So as a former straight girl who just over a year ago decided to start batting for the other team, I can still remember clearly how strange (but at the same time, totally normal!) it was to sleep with a girl for the first time. Not having a clue what to do but wanting to do it anyway. I didn’t really take into consideration how weird it must have been for the lesbian I was sleeping with, because I was so consumed with ME and how weird it was for ME!

But straight girls, let me tell you, it is just as weird for a lesbian to be sleeping with a “straight” girl as it is the other way around. There’s just so much more to think about! You can’t be as free as you would be with another lesbian for a start!

It’s unnerving and strange to be with a girl who might suddenly decide she doesn’t “like it”. It’s also unnerving to be the person they look at when they realise it’s just as normal for them to sleep with a girl as it is with a guy. Seeing that in someones face is really amazing, but it’s so weighted. There’s so much pressure with a straight girl and always in the back of your mind you know with out fail you will end up losing them, either to the new and exciting world of Lez or to a guy when they decide it’s not for them.

My first girlfriend  took me through the “OH MY GOD THIS IS SO NORMAL BUT I CAN’T BE GAY, I DON’T WANT TO BE” confusing times, she held my hand, she listened to me, she took her time with me, she gave me the confidence to be myself and as soon as I had it I ran off to play in my new playground! So taking my behaviour into consideration I’m not sure I believe you can meet a straight girl, date them and live happily ever after.

Tricky thing for me is now I’m the lesbian, not the straight girl. So my question to you is do you do it anyway or cut and run early? I feel like I should give back what my first girlfriend gave me…. but it’s hard when you know you’re going to be the one that gets hurt.  All I know is people are here to teach us things and I’m bracing myself for the lesson I still have to learn….YIKES!

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