Lez get physical!


So recently I’ve been really enjoying wearing make-up again. It’s amazing what you can do to your face, no really it is. Blemishes – totally gone, cat shaped eyes… I love it. It’s brought to my attention the fact that I haven’t really been taking care of my appearance since coming out.

Wearing make-up and getting dressed up doesn’t seem to affect lesbians in the same way it does straight men, it almost gets the opposite result. I think it’s something to do with lesbians wanting to see who you really are or some thing. I’m totally behind that sentiment but playing devils advocate (my fav game) I’d like to put it out there that just because we are gay doesn’t mean we should stop making an effort to look good. Now I’m not saying we should all chuck on an Essex amount of make-up but a little chap stick and moisturiser never did anyone any harm…. and neither did the gym!

Really this has all been a note to self as I’ve totally let it slip. This year, for me with coming out has been amazing. I’ve really enjoyed being myself and letting it “all hang out” but now it’s time to get out of the oversized jumpers, get back to the gym and start making the effort again…regardless of whether it’s going to get me a snog in lezzer land or not.

Anyone up for joining me? I’m planning on getting fit and wearing a lot of make-up whilst doing it, totally inappropriate but guaranteed to be hilarious. I want to find an Eric Prydz “Call on me” style class, if that fails, which I’m assuming it will, I’m just going to have to make one up myself.

I know that it’s what’s inside that counts… but wouldn’t it be great to see more lesbians that are wonderful inside and totally smoking hot on the outside?

Come on, let’s get superficial, just a little bit…just for a little while… just to see how it feels!

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2 thoughts on “Lez get physical!

  1. I love the way you think. X

  2. craftyfox says:

    Bring it on girl. I’m doing the same…

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