Lesbians Let Loose!

Check out the link below to see what I found at As One In The Park 2013…..


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4 thoughts on “Lesbians Let Loose!

  1. Its funny, because I’ve never really considered looking for a specifically lesbian scene, as it were. I know there are lots of gay clubs in Soho, and my girlfriend has been to a few, having – unlike me – grown up in London. The only one I went to was mainly gay men, but I still had a good night. Any how usually when we go out we’ll just go for a meal in a nice restaurant or to a bar we’ve heard about for cocktails or our favourite pub for a roast. There’s never too much consideration about whether there will be other lesbians there. Sometimes we can get a bit of grief, we got spat at by some boys at Clapham Junction once, and in bars men can be a bit annoying, but to be honest most of the time its fine. We meet lots of people from lots of different backgrounds – and that seems to work pretty well. I guess I just like the variety! But its also because I’m not big on clubbing, too much money spent, too loud music, no conversation, it feels like a waste. And I don’t know any other sides to lesbian London other than that, and London Pride.

    • janadowling says:

      Wow – that’s exactly what I’m finding. Thanks for the info. If there was a chilled out cafe that was lesbian friendly would you head there? I’d love there to be a place I could go that was just fun, somewhere I could meet up with all my friends (straight and gay) and talk, hang out or go and read a book, especially if I knew they’re might be other lesbians I could meet and talk to as well. If I can get enough followers I might just do it! Enjoy your day! x Thanks for the follow 🙂

  2. Very enjoyable. I’m an artist and writer having little contact with the outside world, and what I have Is primarily female. Still, an all-female gathering spot would be nice. It might even get me out of the yard more.

    This is what I’m letting loose on now.


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