So I finally got around to watching Fagbug a documentary about a girl whose car (VW Beetle) was vandalised with the words FAG and U R GAY while it was parked on a street close to her home in Albany, New York. Instead of getting it immediately cleaned and crying about it over a massive glass of wine with her friends, she packed her stuff up , left her girlfriend and drove around the States (through the Bible belt etc.) filming people’s reactions to the graffiti.

It was actually pretty interesting because unlike most documentaries focusing on minorities this one didn’t highlight how many people hated the subject, but how many people supported it. I do believe the majority lean towards tolerance. No matter if you’re discussing religion, race or sexual orientation. I believe most of us just want to get along. It’s worth a watch if you’re interested in the subject, suffice to say VW sponsored her and she’s now touring the world speaking out against hetrosexism. That’s what I call it. It’s exactly the same as racism. Homophobia isn’t right, racists aren’t called racephobics are they? It makes it sound like a disease they can’t control. Like it’s not their fault they can’t tolerate people who are different….mmm must do some more research on that.

The most fascinating thing about the whole doc for me was that 99% of the negative feedback she faced whilst making the documentary was from the gay community (who objected to her use of the word fag)… WHAT? People are allowed to fight for the right to be lesbian/gay/bi/trans, live the way they want, but only if you do it in the way that other LGBTs want you too? What makes her journey any less acceptable to put out there than anyone else’s? How crazy is that? Now if you google it the LGBT are right behind her and the boycottfagbuggers have all disappeared – probably because of the success of the project.

That’s just disappointing, but what’s not disappointing is the new Tegan and Sara cheesy pop song, Closer! Go on have a listen….. It’s not just all physical? All I want is to get a little bit closer. WHAT? ha ha you have to listen to it now…


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