Afternoon drinks and why not get an HIV test while you’re at it!


So yesterday I popped out for an afternoon drink with a friend, we were chatting about the London lezzer scene (or lack of) and standing in the middle of Soho we realised that there really was nowhere to go. I know we could have sat in any cafe/bar in London but both being lezzers we wanted to go somewhere a little lezzerish.

Candy Bar wasn’t open so we headed to GAY on Old Compton Street. On arrival, much to our surprise we were offered a free HIV test. We obviously both had it done, firstly you should always check yourself however little risk there is, and secondly, it was free!

For anyone who is gay out there, there’s a clinic at GAY provided by 56 Dean St every Wednesday from 3pm – 6:30pm, free testing and vaccinations etc. How amazing is that! Speaking to the guys running the clinic I learnt that there’s a lot of support out there for gay men, research into their lifestyles and how the community can be supported etc.

When I asked about support for lesbians they told me they’d tried to set up a clinic at The Candy Bar but no one ever went so they stopped. Trying to hide my giggle I said I wasn’t so surprised. After my last blog I got a bunch of emails and tweets on where to go but they were all late nights out, I went to one and that was it. I’m getting OLD! I can’t do 3 nights in a row and really I don’t want to have to stay up until 11pm just to meet other lesbians.

My new theory is that all lesbians (apart from me, maybe because I’m still a baby lezzer) are vampires or there just is no where for us to go in the daytime. I’m hoping it’s the latter, telling my parents I date women was hard enough, explaining I’m going to turn into a vampire… not sure that’s going to work.

Mmmm, I’m on a mission to find out what the hell is going on, why there’s nowhere to hang out in the day time and if in fact there are enough lezzers in London to support/create a community?

Interviews and a short documentary on its way….

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2 thoughts on “Afternoon drinks and why not get an HIV test while you’re at it!

  1. angela walters says:

    Sorry honey unless you live in Brighton, London is crap for lesbians. They end up staying in and having drinks infront of the tv. Wish I could help you honey but like I said the life for it seems to be in Brighton, unless of course you are a man. Then london and anywhere is doing it for you if you are gay. Maybe you may have to set something up for yourself. Good blog. xxx

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