It’s A Bonk Holiday People


Happy Bonk Holiday!!!! just have to say bank in a French accent and it sounds like bonk, i’m not that rude!

So where do we go?

Now usually I’d spend the weekend hiding away with my girlfriend, keeping to ourselves and enjoying each others company. But I realised that we might be the problem! Is our behaviour indicative of most lesbian couples and is this why there are no cool lesbian places to go and chill? Do we all just find a comfort zone and stay in rather than mingling with each other and facing the world? So this weekend I’m rebelling against myself and I’m going out!

I want to find a vibrant, buzzy place where I can hang out with my friends where there are other gay women doing the same thing.

At the moment the only events I can find are all late at night, dark and dingy and that’s just not representative of me or the majority of lesbians I’ve met (so far). They are all bright, enthusiastic and beautiful. So why isn’t there somewhere where we can be that? (ha ha yes I am totally putting myself in the bright, enthusiastic and beautiful category!)

In a bid to find a cool place, I’m putting this out there. If any of you know where I should be going, if there is a secret society or handshake I need to learn… please help!


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3 thoughts on “It’s A Bonk Holiday People

  1. Angela says:

    haha nice one Jana, I have a few friends who used to go a lot. They have now taken to their sofas haha and the weight is coming on slowly. Ill ask them where there is to go. xx

  2. janadowling says:

    Thanks Angela!! xx

  3. Zoe Warboys says:

    You’d be surprised, but good old South Hill Park is home to a very eclectic mix – not that I see beautiful lesbian ladies there every day but it certainly isn’t unusual for them to hang there especially when everyone is out in the sun.!!
    Having said that my gay dar is a bit rusty they maybe there everyday!!

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