It’s real if I believe it…


I just spent 24 hours with an old friend of mine who is WELL into his conspiracy theories. It’s amazing how many there are. I have to say being partial to a good story and totally gullible I am the perfect audience.  The one thing that became very clear was that you can believe whatever you want. Seriously WHATEVER YOU WANT! There is enough information and disinformation out there to prove or disprove any theory.

It made me really happy to hear that there’s a whole community that believe we were bred by aliens. Yes BRED by aliens and that they walk among us (spooky!) because comparing that to how I’m living now makes me seem so normal! No offence to the alien believers but it’ll take a while for me to get fully “on board” with that idea. Having said that give me a week living with them and I’d probably be a convert.

It’s all about perspective. So as an experiment, next time when someone says something you think is totally ridiculous just shift your perspective, give it some time and space and see if you can understand where they are coming from. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree.

It’s so fun and energising to hear people create their own thoughts and opinions on why we are here. I don’t believe it’s to get sensible jobs and wear sensible shoes so why not let people live in the world they choose too? After all if it’s real for you, doesn’t that mean it is real?

Life is for living – so live it, enjoy it and explore it…. or don’t, whatever you fancy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “It’s real if I believe it…

  1. George W Bush says:

    You want to stay clear of those conspiracy weirdo’s………..and those Archon’s….

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