Yesterday reminded me of how many cool things happen in this city everyday. You just have to take a walk and it’s all there, waiting to be discovered.

I can’t help but enjoy the eerie feel that floats through the morning streets of Soho, I love it, it feels like home. It’s almost as if the silence has somehow been created by the drunken chaos that would have consumed the streets only a few hours before.  A lingering aftermath that leaves everything feeling soft and vulnerable…kind of like a hangover!

The first unexpected surprise on this mild Saturday morning was a fleet of vintage Vespas flanked by their owners. It felt like I’d stumbled upon a secret society… you clearly had to own a Vespa and some retro clothing to be part of it but they were all smiling and friendly.


Following my stomach I made a beeline for Balans. A place I know well, it’s not as hipster as the Soho Breakfast Club but you can always get a table and the service is good. Also, being a gay friendly restaurant no one flinches or does a double takes when I walk in hand in hand with a girl.

After consuming my body weight in pancakes, syrup and bacon I attempted to walk off the massive sugar rush/food coma that was inevitable. Taking in the sometimes odd, but always interesting shops around Soho. I passed a window filled with glass apples and pears.  It turned out to be the front of the Italian restaurant Mele e Pere.

I stopped to enjoy it…..

Feeling pretty happy with my day I continued following my feet, wondering what I would happen upon next. I turned onto Kingly Street and bumped straight into this slightly awkward bunch of Indi/Emo rockers queing up for a band signing at Bag O Nails. I have no idea what bag-o-nails is but if you’re interested check out the website http://bag-o-nails.com


Intrigued by the line that carried on down the opposite street I asked them which band they were waiting for, one of them mumbled a reply. I couldn’t hear, projection not being their strong point after the second “sorry?” and cupping my ear (as if that was going to help!), I faked understanding and said “cool” like I knew what he was talking about. I wasn’t fooling anyone! Taking in the young pained faces that were now all looking up at me I quickly moved on leaving the gothed up girls giggling at my absolute lack of “cool”.

Reminiscing about Silverchair – the heavy mental band I followed around when I was 17, dressed not to dissimilarly from the kids I’d just left, I snuck home, had a quick glass of red and headed to the theatre.

I went to see NINEVEH, a play about 4 men trapped in the belly of a whale at Riverside Studios, it’s brilliant and also directed by my gf Ailin Conant (ehem!)

Check it out ..  (4 Stars in TimeOut) www.timeout.com/london/theatre/nineveh

Here are two of the cast members, you can tell by their expressions, they were obviously very happy to see me.

Hanging out with Yaron Shavit and John Kamau helped me feel like I’d regained a little style after my epic fail with the Emo’s and rounded my day off perfectly. THANK YOU!


I LOVE THIS CITY – err London that is!


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