The “L” Word.


So firstly thank you for reading my blog! I’ve had an amazing response from you all. Some of you are surprised because the last time you saw me I was married to a bloke tottering around a polo field with long blonde hair. Those of you who don’t know me personally have sent messages of encouragement and a few others have simply laughed and said duh!!

One question that has been asked: “So are you a lesbian then?” Mmmm lesbian? I’m not sure what that word exactly means so like everything else I don’t understand I googled it. Here’s what came up;

les·bi·an  /ˈlezbēən

Noun: A homosexual woman

Adjective: Of or relating to homosexual women

Synonyms: Dyke

Now that’s hardly enticing, is it?  Lesbian… just say the word out loud. Go on, LES BI AN.  When I say it, it seems to leave a waft of dominating, pushy, ickyness lingering in the air.

Maybe that’s just my understanding of it because I was brought up in a conservative environment that wasn’t particularly accepting. Maybe it’s because there are no lesbians out there in public view that I’d liken myself to. What does it make you think? Am I’m totally wrong? Does it’s actually sound pretty and lovely?

Fingers crossed it is just me and I’m about to find a whole new world … a dazzling place I never knew… no one to tell us no, or where to go or/ SORRY STARTED SINGING ALADDIN – bad habit.

Last year I found the courage to leave a life that made me unhappy and this year I’ve found the courage to come out about one that does.

If being called a lesbian means that I get to live an interesting fulfilling life whilst happening to have a girlfriend then hell yeah! I’m a total lezzer! If however it means I have to don crocks, cargo pants and style my hair like sonic the hedgehog then count me out.

Slightly worried now because I did just cut all my hair off so maybe the “crocks and cargo pants” are just phase 2?



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9 thoughts on “The “L” Word.

  1. It never means you must conform or adopt a stereotype. It just means you get to be you. Finally.

  2. I bet writing this post felt super exhilarating! No matter what age or point in life… anytime you learn something new about yourself is worth announcing to the world lol. Awesome!

  3. Matt G-A says:

    Arrgh, Jana, I’ve got crocs and cargo pants! Do you think……..

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